Erdőfű (HUN)

Saturday, September 23, 2023 / 8 p.m.
Jewish Cultural Center „Oneg Shabbat” (Jevrejska 16)

The concert is organized with the support of the Collegium Hungaricum Beograd, Sounds of Europe, Ministry of Culture, and the City of Belgrade.


Erdőfű, Budapest, 2023 (photo: Marija Vitas)

The Hungarian band ERDŐFŰ interprets rural music from the Carpathian Basin. At the same time, the group gathers top performers from the Hungarian folk and world music scene. The band’s name comes from an archetypal folk music story about a shepherd who lost his sheep, so he went in search of them, going through forest (erdőfű: forest clearing, forest grass).

The band Erdőfű represents the musical traditions of Hungarians and other ethnic groups from the villages of the Carpathian Basin, with an emphasis on the string sound. Since the original rural agricultural social structures had disintegrated, the group set themselves the task of transferring the respective rich and colorful musical culture to a modern urban environment.

Line-up: Kiss-Balbinat Ádám (violin, voice), Maruzsenszki Andor (violin), Éri Márton (viola, three-stringed viola), Salamon Soma (accordion), Éri Katalin (double bass), Halmos Attila (violin), Kalász Máté (violin), Kerékgyártó Gergely (cither, viola) i Melinda Balogh (voice).

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