A Talk with students: Erdőfű and tanchaz

Friday, September 22, 2023 / 5 p.m.
Faculty of Music in Belgrade (Department of Ethnomusicology)

A talk with students is organized with the support of the Sounds of Europe, Collegium Hungaricum Beograd, Ministry of Culture, and the City of Belgrade.

a talk with students

A one big tanchaz-event, Budapest, april 2023 (photo: Marija Vitas)

On the second day of the 11th World Music Festival “Todo Mundo”, at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (Department of Ethnomusicology), September 22, starting at 5 p.m., Éri Márton and Soma Salamon, two musicians from the band Erdőfű will have a talk with students of ethnomusicology. Márton plays viola and three-stringed viola in the group, while Soma is an accordionist and an ethnomusicologist as well.

This type of talk or lecture, already the second in a series within the festival, continues this important collaboration between the Festival and the Department of Ethnomusicology. The first such event was organized at the 10th “Todo Mundo”, on September 22, 2022, when the Macedonian musician, top trumpet player Džambo Agušev, talked with the students.

The backbone of the Soma’s and Marton’s talk will be the tanchaz (táncház/dance house), a long-lasting social phenomenon, a cultural movement and a type of dance-music event which, in short, refers to popular gatherings of urban people of all generations to dance traditional dances of Hungarians and other peoples from this part of Europe.

In addition to the story of tanchaz, the speakers will also talk about other elements of the Hungarian traditional music scene, characteristics of the music, the heritage of Transylvania, the work of the Erdőfű group and their approach to traditional musical material. Active participation of students and free questioning of the guest artist and speakers is desirable.

The event is a closed session intended only for students and professors of the Department of Ethnomusicology.

After the talk with the students, the festival program continues in the evening at the Jewish Cultural Center (Jevrejska 16), with the concert program entitled “Gradske priče” (City Stories). We will listen to concerts by the Austrian accordion quartet Belofour and the Spanish flamenco duo Alba Carmona and Jesús Guerrero.

The Erdőfű ensemble will have a concert at the festival on September 23, at the Jewish Cultural Center, as part of the last festival day entitled “European Folk Day”, since “Todo Mundo” with its program joins the celebration of the “European Folk Day”. That festival day will start with the international conference “Tradition nowadays, in the world music”, and will be ended with concerts by Erdőfű and Janusz Prusinowski Kompania from Poland.

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