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todo mundo 2022

On the second day of the tenth World Music Festival “Todo Mundo”, at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade (Department of Ethnomusicology), on September 22, starting at noon, Džambo Agušev will have a talk with students of ethnomusicology.

How did the festival organizers come up with this idea?

Džambo Aguševi Orchestra is one of the participants of the festival’s 10th edition. At the beginning of the same evening (22.09) in the Garden of the Drugstore club (Despota Stefana Boulevard 115), they will hold a concert, and that will be their first ever in Belgrade! Therefore, a nice and rare opportunity arose to allow students of ethnomusicology a direct meeting and talk with one of the best trumpeters from the Balkans today.

a talk

Džambo Agušev comes from a family characterized by generations of musicians, having its roots in Turkey and the Mehter heritage. Džambo was born and lives in Strumica, North Macedonia. He belongs to the Roma community, and his mother tongue is Turkish. It is typical for Džambo and his trumpeter predecessors that as children they first practiced playing the zurla and then the trumpet. Unlike most folk trumpeters in Serbia, Macedonian musicians use a classical trumpet, not a flugelhorn. Džambo’s orchestra is in great demand at weddings and other celebrations throughout Europe, while simultaneously building an exemplary concert career, performing on prestigious stages, festivals and clubs.

These are some of the topics that will be discussed at Faculty. Active participation of students and free questioning of the guest artist is desirable.

After a talk with the students, we continue with the festival, in the evening, as part of the concert program of the second festival evening entitled “Partyard”, where, after Džambo’s orchestra, the Italian trio Fanfare Station will perform.

Džambo Agušev’s talk with students of ethnomusicology takes place in cooperation with the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, with the support of the European project Sounds of Europe.

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