TiTiTi feat. Marina Džukljev (SVN/SRB)

Wednesday, May 17, 2023.
8:30 p.m.
Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade (Hilandarska 2)

The concert is organized in cooperation with the Zavod Sploh and RTS/Radio Belgrade 3, with the support of the City of Belgrade.

tititi feat. marina džukljev

TiTiTi feat. Marina Džukljev, Slovenia, 27th Jazz Festival Cerkno, 2022 (photo: Nada Žgank)

An endless improvised “jazz-braid” TITITIJure Boršič and two Drašlers (Jošt and Vid) / saxophone, double bass and drums – are well-known faces of the Slovenian improvised and free-jazz scene. They joined in a triangular formation as a “derivative” of the larger band Oholo!

TiTiTi’s jazz braid, fueled by the moment phenomenon, constantly meanders between tradition and freedom, wandering deeply, floating lightly and sounding good-naturedly.

In 2022, the band released the first album Štafelaj, composed of their original works. The album is dedicated to the painter Joža Tisnikar.

On their premiere performance at the Ring Ring festival, TiTiTi collaborates with Marina Džukljev (piano), a well-known improviser and interpreter of contemporary music.

Marina, who was one of the guest musicians on the album Štafelaj, has performed three times at Ring Ring, in different formations: as part of Šalter Ensemble (2017), in a duo with Áron Porteleki (2018) and as part of Metamorphic Orchestra (2019).

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