Thomas Lehn & Marcus Schmickler (DEU)

Saturday, May 20, 2023 / 8 p.m.
Jewish Cultural Center „Oneg Shabbat” (Jevrejska 16)

The concert is organized with the support of the Goethe-Institut Belgrad and the City of Belgrade.

tomas len i markus šmikler

Marcus Schmickler & Thomas Lehn (photo: Markus Werner)

The real-virtual analogue-digital electronic duo of THOMAS LEHN AND MARCUS SCHMICKLER has been working since its first meeting in December 1998, during the German premiere of the Music in Movement Electronic Orchestra (MIMEO) in Cologne.

Thomas Lehn (analogue synthesizer) and Marcus Schmickler (computer) have been extensively touring together in Europe, the USA and Japan. They released several successful CD and vinyl productions on labels such as “Ersthwhile Records”, “a-musik”, “Editions Mego” and “Mikroton”: Bart (2000), Kölner Kranz (2009), Navigation im Hypertext (2009), Live Double Séance (2011) and Neue Bilder (2017).

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