/kry (AUT/IRN)

Thursday, May 18, 2023 / 8 p.m.
Jewish Cultural Center „Oneg Shabbat” (Jevrejska 16)

The concert is organized with the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade and the City of Belgrade.


/kry (photo: Amin Ebraimi)

/KRY is an instrumental trio formed in Vienna at the end of 2019. Free from any particular genre or style, the ensemble’s sound revels in simplicity and intuition, celebrating complexity and control, and the intricate fusion of each band member’s broad musical spectrum.

Trio /kry are: Mona Matbou Riahi (clarinet, fx), Philipp Kienberger (bass), Alexander Yannilos (drums).

Despite her age, Mona Matbou Riahi (Tehran, Iran, 1990) is a well-known name on the international stage. In her work, Mona combines contemporary and classical elements, improvisation and electronic experimentation. She experienced significant collaborations with the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, Anthony Braxton, and achieved success with the Iranian duo Naqsh.

Filip Kienberger (Carinthia, Austria, 1991) is a vital actor of the Austrian scene and beyond, working on many projects that cover a wide field, from hard progressive rock (Entrainment and Jacuzzi’s Attempt), through contemporary acoustic music (String Quintet Kvin and Studio Dan) and live hip-hop (Sketches on Duality) to modern jazz (Little Rosie’s Kindergarten) and much more.

Alexander Yannilos (Vienna, Austria, 1989) has been active on the Austrian scene for more than a decade, working with a huge number of musicians and bands as a drummer, producer and sound designer. In 2011, he founded Freifeld, an association and independent label to support progressive music. He is constantly involved in a number of projects, exploring all forms of jazz, improvised and contemporary music, as well as modern pop, experimental club music, live electronics and music for theater and film.

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