IRK Performing Reflection (HRV/SRB/SVN/AUT)

Thursday, May 18, 2023 / 8 p.m.
Jewish Cultural Center „Oneg Shabbat” (Jevrejska 16)

The concert is organized in cooperation with the festivals Music Biennale Zagreb and 180° – Laboratory for Innovative Art, with the support of EFFEA and the City of Belgrade.

irk performing reflection

IRK Performing Reflection (promo photo)

The project and the ensemble IRK PERFORMING REFLECTION will perform at the Ring Ring festival in the form of a quartet, consisting of: Ivar Roban Križić (double bass), Thomas Grill (electronics), Nikola Vuković (trumpet) and Bojan Krhlanko (drums, electronics).

The ensemble grew out of an artistic project aimed at exploring the nature of free improvisation, and developing new frameworks and concepts for its life. 

In its initial phase, the project was marked by the collaboration of two improvisers: musician Ivar Roban Križić and philosopher Christian Grüny. Then, the project expanded its scope and grew into an open format, comprised of public performances, rehearsals and lectures by a group of electroacoustic musicians-improvisers, enabling a thorough exploration of free improvisation and its fundamental methodologies.

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