The Cyclist Conspiracy (SRB)

Thursday, November 9, 2023 / 8 p.m.
SKCNS Fabrika (Despot Stefan Boulevard 5)

The concert is organized with the support of the City of Novi Sad.

the cyclist conspiracy

The Cyclist Conspiracy (photo: Marko Dašić)

Once started as an informal project within the now-defunct Society for the Development of Alchemical Studies “Vasko Popa”, THE CYCLIST CONSPIRACY are today a long-playing band that combines musical influences from the most diverse parts of the world, trying to avoid superficial, new-age eclecticism and to direct creative energy towards the synthesis of assumed elements.

Whether it’s the Byzantine Empire or the secret nomadic roads of the desert, a sooty inn full of dudes and licentious women or a steppe with a sky only for a shaman, psychedelic or türkçe rock, the Middle or the Far East, the journeys that cyclists take are by no means a search for the heart of this of the world. Sometimes, they appear as a symbolic search for Constantinople, the heart of the cyclical empire of Byzantium, but they are always a search for the heart of the only true light – Agape.

They had numerous concerts in Serbia and neighboring countries, either as main performers, supporting other bands (Acid Mothers Temple, King Dude, Hayvanlar Alemi) or as part of the festival line-up (Haywire Festival (Romania), INdirekt (Croatia), Zelenkovac Jazz Festival ( BiH), The Music of the Secret Society that Owns Belgrade (Serbia).

With the single “Simorgh”, the Belgrade (anti) world orchestra The Cyclist Conspiracy announced the debut album “Mashallah Plan”, released on October 13, 2023 for the Italian label Subsound Records.

“Mashallah Plan” is a psychedelic tapestry that combines influences from various parts of the world into a unique experience of desert rock – a monumental psychedelic piece set in the landscapes of North Africa and the Middle East, enriched with magnificent choral sections and powerful riffs.

“The Mashallah Plan is the story of a spiritual journey on a bicycle. This simple device reveals its deep symbolism only on the path of greatest resistance and therefore represents the perfect esoteric vehicle for the Dark Ages we are going through” – explain the musicians of the band and add the following, regarding the first single – “The bird has been used as a metaphor for the soul since man knows for himself. In that sense, the Simorgh represents the ultimate bird, the bird of birds.”

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