Iva Bittova’s workshop and Vladimir Vaclavek’s session with local musicians

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NOVEMBER 9, 2023 / 6 p.m.

Serbian National Theatre

IVA BITTOVA’S WORKSHOP is part of the programme of the second “Pocket Globe” festival and is of a closed type, intended for members of the Children’s Opera Studio of the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad. Since Iva Bittova is coming to Novi Sad on the occasion of the concert she is to hold with Vladimir Vaclavek at the festival, the organizing team decided to organize a workshop led by this experienced, world-renowned artist.

Iva Bittova (1958) has been developing her artistic expression for years within the most diverse genres, such as jazz, rock, folk, classical, and opera music, and even today her music is impossible to define more precisely. As she emphasizes, what deeply inspires her is complete silence, then nature, environment and circumstances in everyday life.

In her workshops, Iva strives to achieve a natural, unique musical moment and encourages participants to position themselves far from noise, distracting technology and stressful daily activities. The workshop includes: breathing techniques, vocal exercises,  overtone singing, circle singing, choral songs, improvisation and listening to silence and the sound of the environment. Participants are encouraged to focus on self-expression, developing a personal vocal message in their shared space and, at the same time, separating their abilities from their fears. In addition, through learning different approaches to music creation, styles and techniques, the workshop is also an opportunity for pure joy and play.

“My goal is to foster inspiration for everyone… Music makes us very happy! This is what we need!” – adds Iva Bitova.

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NOVEMBER 10, 2023 / 12 noon

Atelier “Labat” at the Petrovaradin fortress

Događaj je zatvorenog tipa i namenjen je ograničenom broju učesnika, a predstavlja nastavak inicijative organizatorskog tima festivala, započete na prvom izdanju festivala, kada je u istom prostoru, 11. novembra 2022, organizovana zajednička sesija Jusre Mansur i Brisa Botena (Bab L’ Bluz) i lokalnih muzičara. Ovoga puta, za sesiju je odabran Vladimir Vaclavek, koji će na festivalu nastupiti sa Ivom Bitovom, iste večeri, 10. novembra, u SKCNS Fabrika.

SESSION WITH LOCAL MUSICIANS, as another addition to the program of the “Pocket Globe”‘s second edition, will involve the meeting of Czech artist Vladimir Vaclavek with local musicians and their joint musicianship. The event is closed and is intended for a limited number of participants, and is a continuation of the initiative of the festival’s organizing team, which began at the first edition of the festival, when a joint session of Yousra Mansour and Brice Bottin (Bab L’ Bluz) and local musicians was organized in the same venue on November 11, 2022. This time, Vladimir Vaclavek was selected for the session, who will perform at the festival with Iva Bittova, on the same evening, November 10, at SKCNS Fabrika.

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