Jasna Jovićević (SRB)

Friday, November 10, 2023 / 8 p.m.
SKCNS Fabrika (Despot Stefan Boulevard 5)

The concert is organized with the support of the World Music association of Serbia and the City of Novi Sad.

jasna jovićević

Jasna Jovićević (photo: Nikola Lučić)

JASNA JOVIĆEVIĆ is a saxophonist, composer and researcher in art. She is engaged in research and artistic work in the field of phenomenology of musical performance, which always bears the characteristics and performatives of history and culture, but also the potential of contemporary thought, philosophy and politics. The artistic projects she develops are characterized as a continuous interaction between artistic activity (creation, interpretation and/or production) and scientific reflection, combining conceptual research in the field of art and science.

Graduated from the Franz Liszt Music Academy in Budapest, received master’s degree from York University in Toronto, and earned PhD in Arts in transdisciplinary studies of contemporary art at the Faculty of Media and Communications, Belgrade. In 2023, she published a monograph on gender in jazz entitled Good morning, Jazzwomen – The positioning of the female instrumentalists in the social practices of jazz (Orion Art Books), works as a lecturer here and abroad, is a yoga instructor and implements artistic projects that encourage the cultural life of the community.

She is the winner of international awards for performance and composition: EU LAb AI-Ars Electronica, Etno Milano, I-Portunus Creative Europe, Culture Moves Europe, European Cultural Foundation, Balkan Art Fest-Slo, Hungarian Jazz Association, ArtsLink New York, UNESCO Aschberg San Francisco , OMI New York, Giant Steps – Music Action Women San Francisco and others.

She performed at prominent festivals throughout Europe and North America, as a composer, soloist or member of an orchestra. So far, six original albums of her music have been released, some of which are on the British labels FMR Records and The state51 Conspiracy Records. Her music has been recorded on twenty albums by other artists.

Jasna collaborated with artists such as Hamid Drake, Elizabeth Harnik, Annette Giesriegl, Cene Resnik, and is the leader of the following ensembles: Jasna Jovićević Quinary, Jovicevic/Miklos/Wojcinski Trio, Triple Reed and others. She started and led the all-female big band in Southern Eastern Europe: New Spark Jazz Orchestra – Balkan Women in Jazz.

The illusion of freedom is a solo project by Jasna Jovićević, which the artist is preparing for her performance at the Pocket Globe festival, where she will be joined by her longtime collaborator Bojan Bojić (live electronics) as a guest, multiple award-winning sound designer and music producer with extensive work experience in the film, theater, marketing and music industries. He acquired his academic knowledge at the famous Film and TV School of the Academy of Arts in Prague – FAMU. Bojan received his master’s degree with work on a topic in the field of dramaturgy of sound in audiovisual works. He is primarily interested in sound design, sound architecture, field recording and music production, and for his medium he mainly chooses works that present him with new challenges and motivate him to search for a unique sound. Bojan and Jasna have so far collaborated on various joint artistic researches such as Zvuk ptica, Flow Vertical and Sedim i brinem za nju.

jasna jovićević bojan bojić

Jasna Jovićević and Bojan Bojić (promo photo)

The illusion of freedom in free improvised music is deeply connected with the tendency to know the unknown, unexplored and almost mystical realm of musical expression. In this research, the artist has the need to overcome the boundaries of body, mind and emotions, although this search for transcendence is paradoxical, since it takes place in the context of tangible limitations, such as, first of all, the nature of instruments, knowledge, genre conventions, relationships, expectations, etc.

The solo performance is conceived as a navigation of the complex interrelationship between limitations and striving for freedom.

At the beginning of the evening, on November 10 at SKCNS Fabrika, before the concert, Jasna Jovićević will be awarded the Vojin Mališa Draškoci award, which is given for the 11th time by the World Music Association of Serbia to artists for their creative work.

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