Iva Bittova & Vladimir Vaclavek (CZE)

Friday, November 10, 2023 / 8 p.m.
SKCNS Fabrika (Despot Stefan Boulevard 5)

The concert is organized with the support of Sounds of Europe, the Ministry of Culture, and the City of Novi Sad.

iva bitova i vladimir vaclavek

Iva Bittova & Vladimir Vaclavek (promo photo)

Iva Bittova, violinist, singer, composer (and actress), managed to incorporate elements of the avant-garde, folklore of Central and Eastern Europe into her music, in such a way that it sounds harmonious but musically unique. Vladimir Vaclavek, bassist, guitarist and composer, is a legend of the Czech alternative scene.

IVA BITTOVA & VLADIMIR VACLAVEK started their joint musical activity in Brno in the Czech Republic, in the mid-eighties, through a group called Kolektiv, which was later called Dunaj, and under that name, the group still perform today, with Iva as an occasional guest. Iva left the first line-up of the Dunaj group quite early and formed a fascinating duo with Pavel Fajt, which very quickly conquered the world of alternative music, but soon disbanded. Iva continued her solo career, in which she achieved great albums, countless collaborations and impressive concerts.

During the nineties, Vladimir Vaclavek continued to work in the group Dunaj and the bands Rala and E as a bassist, guitarist and prolific composer.

iva bitova i vladimir vaclavek

In 1997, Iva and Vladimir released the great album “Bile Inferno” (Indies Records), which for many remains their best achievement, if we count solo albums and other projects.

There are not many opportunities for them to play this material live together, so the performance at the Pocket Globe Festival will be the premiere in Serbia, as part of the duo’s European tour.

In addition to the concert, Iva Bittova will hold a workshop with members of the Children’s Opera Studio, and Vladimir Vaclavek will have a session with local musicians. These two events as part of the supporting program of the Pocket Globe festival are closed events.

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