2nd Pocket Globe Festival

pocket globe 2

The second Pocket Globe World Music Festival will be held in Novi Sad, from November 9 to 11, 2023. The festival programme includes six concerts by musicians and bands from Niger, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy, which will be held at SKCNS Fabrika, as well as other festival events, including open events (two lectures and one presentation) and closed events (one workshop and one session with local musicians).

All details regarding open events, intended for all those who are interested, can be found below on this page, while information on closed events can be found on this link.


· The Cyclist Conspiracy

· Bombino

· Jasna Jovićević

· Iva Bittova & Vladimir Vaclavek

· Nogaband

· Stefano Saletti & Banda Ikona


(open events)

· Michal Noga

Lecture “Rich and Vital, Old Music of Slovakia”

· Stefano Saletti

Lecture “Sabir – The Lost Language of the Mediterranean”

. . .

· Creative Europe Desk Serbia

Presentation of the “Creative Europe – Culture” programme