In addition to the main concert program, the first World Music Festival Pocket Globe also offers three lectures as part of the accompanying program. Lectures will be held in Novi Sad, in the Small Hall of the Youth Theater, on November 11 and 12, and at Svilara Cultural Station, on November 13, 2022. The lecturers are: Yousra Mansour and Bruce Bottin (members of the band Bab L’ Bluz), as well as Damir Imamović and Kayhan Kalhor.

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The Youth Theatre (Small Hall), 2 pm

• Gnawa music and the role of women in the music of Morocco

yousra mansour brice bottin

Yousra Mansour and Brice Bottin (official photos)

YOUSRA MANSOUR AND BRICE BOTTIN (MAR / FRA), members of Bab L’ Bluz will bring to our audience a very interesting, unusual and provocative topic. There will be, among other things, words about the music of the Gnawa ethnic group, which lives in Morocco originating from the Sahara desert. Their music is specific, but it is sometimes difficult for the wide audience to distinguish it from Berber traditions, as well as from West African or North African music. In addition, the role that Yousra Mansour has in the band is traditionally reserved for men, so she and Brice will also talk about the role of women in Moroccan music, breaking stereotypes and the social movement Nayda, which young Moroccans started a few years ago.


The Youth Theatre (Small Hall), 5 pm

• Saz in Sarajevo

damir imamović

Damir Imamović (photo: Almin Zrno)

Prominent musician and researcher in the field of sevdalinka, DAMIR IMAMOVIĆ (BIH) will present his new work connected with the traditional instrument called saz, its role in society and sevdah. While researching the music history of the city of Sarajevo and the place of saz in it, Damir came to a series of interesting information and insights that will be the basis for his new book, which he is currently working on.


Svilara Cultural Station, 4 pm

• Music of Iran, principles and improvisation

kayhan kalhor

Kayhan Kalhor (official photo)

KAYHAN KALHOR (IRN) is a top performer of music based on the heritage of Persia. Deeply devoted to the ancient bowed instrument kamancheh and the musical tradition of this part of the world, Kayhan is at the same time an artist open to collaborations with musicians from other traditions. Kayhan’s extraordinary knowledge of the Persian tradition in practice and theory also implies improvisation, as a way of musical thinking immanent to this very heritage. In his lecture at the Pocket Globe festival, Kayhan will pay special attention to the term and concept of radif (melodic repertoire) and its fundamental importance in improvisation. with a hint of traditional teaching methods.

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