Ring Ring on BELEF

Belgrade July 7-9th, 2013

7.jul from 9pm.
Mohhamad Reza Mortazavi (Iran)
This musician from Iran is one of the best world tombak players. During his already impressive career, he has developed over 30 new techniques of playing this instrument. He has been living in Germany for the past 11 years and is successfully touring across Europe.
8.jul from 9pm.
Shazalakazoo (Serbia)
Shazalakazoo is an electro duo from Belgrade, founded by Milan Đurić and Uroš Petković. The band plays electronic music with a lot of bass that you can dance to, mixed with balkan, latino, african and oriental sound, creating a unique music mix which they call ’’folkstep’’.
9.jul from 8pm.
Unavantaluna (Italy)
With the help of Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade
The Buda Folk Band (Hungary)
The Buda Folk Band is a Hungarian folk ensemble. The heart of their sound consists of authentic Hungarian folk music that is acentuated with different music phrases and style elements.
Lajko Felix (Serbia)
Felix Lajko is a violinist, zither player and composer. He plays a variety of musical styles: traditional string music of the Pannonian plain, Romani music, folk music, classical music, rock, blues, jazz and improvised melodies.

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