Ring Ring No 18 – The American night

26.05. Kolarac Hall, 20.00

  • SaMa – Sabir Mateen & Matthew Shipp (USA)
  • WHO+ 2- Music for Quintet by Gerry Hemingway (USA/CH/Holl) The first performance after the world premiere

> SaMa – Sabir Mateen & Matthew Shipp (USA)

Matthew Shipp  quickly became one of the leading lights in the New York jazz scene.  Shipp has reached the holy grail of jazz in that he possesses a unique style on his instrument that is all of his own – and he’s one of the few in jazz that can say so.

“One of today’s most iconic artists” (All About Jazz), “Shipp’s initial inspiration was Bud Powell, who to a great extent is the underpinning of his music. The unfettered approach of the formidable technician and free adventurer Cecil Taylor is a potent strain in Shipp’s work, but no matter how far out he goes, Shipp’s sense of chord and line movement puts him closer to Powell than Taylor ever was.” (All About Jazz)  “Matthew Shipp is a jazz pianist with downtown/indie credibility. No cocktail pianist he, but a knotty artist-once profiled by The New York Times as courting a rock audience. A rebel of the ivories.” (Pop Matters), “One of today’s most inventive and challenging jazz pianists plays like a modern day Thelonious Monk, with rich modal playing and percussive playfulness, beyond that he sounds like no one else.”  (Lexington Herald)

Matthew Shipp is truly one of the leading lights of a new generation of jazz giants.

Sabir Mateen  started out playing rhythm and blues in the early ’70s which led him to the tenor saxophone chair of the Horace Tapscott Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra. From there he has or is performing with Cecil Taylor, Sunny Murray, William Parker, Alan Silva, Butch & Wilber Morris, Raphe Malik, Steve Swell, Mark Whitecage, Roy Campbell, Matthew Shipp, Marc Edwards, Jemeel Moondoc, William Hooker, Henry Grimes, Rashid Bakr, Kali Fasteau and numerous others.

He is also involved in Collective bands such as TEST (w/ D. Carter, Matthew Heyner and T. Bruno), The Downtown Horns (w/ R. Campbell & D. Carter), The East 3rd St. Ensemble (w/ Matt Lavelle, Clif Jackson and David Gould). Sabir leads his own bands as well: The Sabir Mateen Ensemble, Omni-Sound, Trio Sabir, and Juxtapositions.

He “plays a passionate yet nuanced tenor as his main ax, but is equally comfortable on alto sax, clarinet, and flute. Mateen is capable of raw, all-out explosion, but frequently displays a wide dynamic range and a subtler side, and sometimes leans toward melodic free-bop”.  (All Music Guide).

The concerts of US artists is supported by the Embassy of United States of America in Belgrade.


>WHO+ 2- Music for Quintet by Gerry Hemingway (USA/CH/Holl)

Michael Moore – clarinet, bass clarinet, alto saxophone

Terrence McManus – guitar

Michel Wintsch – piano

BaenzOester – bass

Gerry Hemingway – drums


In New York City in 1995 Gerry Hemingway presented a new repertoire of compositions for “mixed” quintet that differed in orchestration and musical conceptionfromhis regular “working” quintet. The primary instrumental difference from Hemingway’s working quintet was the inclusion of piano and concert percussion (marimba/vibraphone). The works were more detailed compositions more closely resembling formal chamber music, but also incorporating the improvisational gifts of the participants.

Fast forward to May 2013 and an opportunity has emerged to reinvestigate this special orchestration, to reconfigure some of the past pieces, and develop some new work. This opportunity has resulted partly from the fact that Gerry Hemingway became a resident of Luzern, Switzerland in the fall of 2009. His ongoing collaborative work with the WHO trio since 1998 with Geneva pianist Michel Wintsch and Bern bassist BänzOesteroffers a solid foundation for this project. The special chemistry and ongoing musical relationship of this Swiss-based trio will serve as the central foundation for this unique meeting.

American guitarist Terrence McManus is a more recent musical collaborator of Mr. Hemingway who is new to European audiences and in the summer and fall of 2012 made his first appearances in Switzerland and Europe at festivals and concerts as part of Gerry Hemingway’s working quintet. Terrence was offered a residence for the month of May 2013 at the Stadtmühlein Willisau, Switzerland and because of this special occasion, his remarkable talents are able to be included in this project.

Finally long-time musical partner, clarinetist, alto saxophonist and fellow expatriate Michael Moore completes this quintet grouping. Michael has been a resident of Amsterdam since the early 80’s but in recent times is not often seen or heard in Switzerland, or in Southern Europe. In the 1990’s Michael Moore toured and recorded regularly with Gerry Hemingway and brings his tremendous lyricism and intelligence to this musical assembly.

The re-orchestrated older repertoire and newer works will be rehearsed in several stages. The newer material will be quite challenging technically utilizing some new levels of experimentation with rhythmic interplay. The WHO trio will rehearse some of these elements regularly in the months leading up to the performance and both Michael and Terrence will have time to prepare their materials well in advance of the quintet convening in the third week of May. At that time there will series of intensive rehearsals to bring together all the elements of the roughly 60 minute program. The quintet will premiere the program on the Schaffhausen festival on May 24, 2013.

 This concert is supported by Embassy of United States of America in Belgrade and Pro Helvetia.

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