Dunavfest 2012

This year, the music program for Dunavfest is dedicated to the rituals of the past as well as to the modern rituals: four concerts, four different ritual experiences with musicians from different countries at the foot of the Kalemegdan fortress, at Barutana.

Admission for Dunavfest is free.


04.09. at 20:00


VOJASA (Hungary)


06.09. at 20:00




And here’s some more info about Dunavfest’s program:

Triad Vibration is a tribal jazz band from Italy, that combines ritual instruments (like the didgeridoo, which has been used for more than 1500 years as an accompaniment to the ritual dancing and singing) with jazz music, electronics and other modern genres. The band formation counts with Ezio Salfi at the electric bass, Gennaro Scarpati at drums and percussion, Tanna Walter Mandel at the didgeridoo and Gendrikson Diaz Mena Cuba on trumpet and keyboards.

Triad Vibration’s first album was out in 2002. Since then they’ve been performing all across Europe, having just released their new album, “Safari him”.

Their performance at Dunavfest was arranged in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade.

(Video Clip Triad Vibration)

Vojasa is the new Rroma music from Budapest! Counting with musicians from well-known groups (such as Romano Drom and Kalyi Jag), the band was born in 2011, when its members got together to play with the simple aim to enjoy the music and to make their audience enjoy it too – hence the band’s name, “VOJASA”, meaning “happy” in Romany. Success came faster than expected and performances at festivals across Europe followed.

Vojasa’s sound is based on traditional Rroma music from Romania but with an urban, contemporary interpretation and also some touches of Romanian and Serbian music – but never losing the Hungarian spirit!

Three powerful vocals, two guitars, violin, mandolin, bass, percussion and other traditional instruments come together, bringing back centuries’ old and cheerful rituals!

(Video Clip Vojasa)

Eugene Chadbourne is a New York-based guitarist, composer and improviser. Performing for more than 35 years, Chadbourne is both a veteran and a pioneer of alternative music stuffed guitar. Jazz, rock, storytelling, solo or in a group, with Chadbourne has tried all possible. Ritual is the story of his life, music and travel. His compositions and stories were created based on his travels, onstage experiences and the people he met along the way, creating and incredible mix of music and playful storytelling.

Chadbourne played with people like John Zorn, Fred Frith, Derek Bailey-I, Eliott Shapra, Paul Lovens, Han Bennink, to name just a few from this older generation. He was also the front man of the rock band Shockabily, founded 1981 with the famous producer Kramer and cellist Thomas Cor. With over a hundred concerts each year, Shockabily have left a striking impression on the stages across Europe, Japan and America.

This will be Chadbourne’s first appearance in Serbia, after a break of more than 20 years.

Serbian Jazz, bre band was formed as a part of the namesake multimedia project by photographer Ivan Grlić. The project presented photos not only of the doyen of the Serbian jazz scene, but also from the younger musicians who part of it nowadays.

With the idea to bring those pictures to life, the music part of the project was created to bring together jazz musicians from different generations, using the modern jazz musical heritage as the common language of their creations. Their repertoire consists of original compositions as well as Serbian folk songs arranged and shaped in a whole new way that reflects not only the jazz history in Serbia but also as well as an specific musical expression with influences from the East and West, classical music and the rich Serbian folklore.

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