Promotion of the album “Grey Falcon”

The publishing house Multimedia Music released this autumn the first album of Svetlana Spajic Group, “Grey falcon”. Svetlana Spajic Group is a cappela project of the artist with four singers from Belgrade, Minja NikolićDragana TomićZorana Bantić and Jovana Lukić. The group cherishes broad, unique and challenging repertoire of the oldest Serbian songs with genuine vocal techniques and ornaments such as ojkalica, ganga, edgy mountain shaking songs or tender old ballads from Eastern Serbia. Engaged performing with great emotional and physical impact along with the challenging repertoire of masterly sung traditional songs brought the group to the most famous venues and festivals across Europe and in the USA. Svetlana Spajic Group is engaged in the play of Robert Wilson, “The Life and Death of Marina Abramović”. This album also includes both traditional and the songs written by Svetlana for the play.
The promotion of the album starts at 1 pm on 22nd January 2013 in Multidallas shop, Sremska street 2.

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