BELGRADE, May 15th- 20th 2019

Ring Ring 24th edition, we are still alive and kicking. Despite all the troubles it will be fest of great (and small) sounds 🙂

Tickets are on sale at Club Caffe of SKC

15.05. SKC at 20.00
Igor ÄŚubrilović/Ivan ÄŚkonjević/Igor Stangliczky “Feedback Essays”  (Serbia)
Metamorphic Orchestra performing “Metamorphic songs” (Serbia/Austria/France)

Over the past few years, Goethe Institute’s project Metamorphic Songs has built a network of artists and researchers from different countries. Through workshops, presentations, lectures and concerts they have been exploring and presenting different instances of songs’ migration through cultures; the history of their travel, the changes in their features and function, but also their personal stories, secret connections or confronted ideologies behind them. One of the outcomes of the project was the Goethe Institute’s Collection of Metamorphic Songs with diverse examples from across the world.

As part of the project of Metamorphic Songs in Serbia, a group of international and local musicians formed the Metamorphic Orchestra in an attempt to add local examples to this extraordinary Collection and to give these songs a new “metamorphic opportunity” by performing them on stage. Metamorphic Orchestra is open for the songs’ newest “will” and cases of metamorphosis in the whirl of today’s turbulent events and histories. The concert at the 24th edition of Belgrade Ring Ring festival is their premiere. 

Metamorphic Orchestra (Serbia / Austria / France)

Svetlana Spajić – vocal; Tijana Stanković  – vocal, violin; Isabel Duthoit -vocal, clarinet; Marina DĹľukljev – piano; Bogdan Ranković – saxophone, traditional wind instruments, clarinet; Franz Hautzinger – trumpet; Lav KovaÄŤ – drums and percussions; Ervin Malina –  double bass

Metamorphic songs at Ring Ring festival is supported by  Goethe Institut Belgrad

16.5. SKC at 20.00

Isabelle Duthoit & Franz Hautzinger (Fr/A)
Natsuki Tamura & Yoshino (Japan)
Satoko Fujii (Japan)

17.5. SKC at 20.00

Nataša Penezić (Serbia) – world premiere
Daniel Levin (USA)
18.05. SKC at 20.00

Edoardo Marraffa (Italy)

Supported by Istituto Italiano di cultura di Belgrado

dieb 13 (Austria)

Supported by Austrian Culture Forum in Belgrad
19.05. SKC at 20.00

Antez (France)

Hans Koch/Jonas Kocher/Gaudenz Badrutt (Switzerland)

Supported by Pro Helvetia, Suissa Foundation, Kanton Bern, Stadt Biel Bienne
20.05. Studio 6 of Radio Belgrade at 21.00

Achim Kaufmann trio »Grunen« (Germany)

Supported by Goethe Institut Belgrad


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  1. Sarah Buechi says:

    looks like a really inspiring festival! Congrats! I am a Swiss vocalist/composer (Jazz/World + More) and would love to know how to apply for your festival 2021…

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