Festival “Zajedno Zusammen”

Festival “Zajedno Zusammen”

The Zajedno Zusammen Festival, which featured musicians from Austria and Serbia, took place in Belgrade from June 19th to July 15th, 2014, at various locations. The Ring Ring Association was one of the organizers of this specific event.

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Through the “Zajedno Zusammen” project, conceived as a festival or concert series, for the first time in Serbia, the focus was placed on the contemporary music scene of Austria, as well as on the collaboration between Austrian musicians and foreign artists, especially those originating from Serbia who live and work in Austria. Genre-wise, the festival was diverse, encompassing world music, jazz, pop, electronic, and experimental music concerts.

The organization of this event was socially and historically linked to the centenary of the start of the Great War. In the context of Austria-Serbia relations, the organizers aimed to highlight several negative and positive aspects through this project. Firstly, the fact remains that the First World War and the declaration of war on Serbia had a significant impact on the historical image of the Serbian population, which has not entirely faded to this day. Furthermore, it is true that a century ago Serbs and Austrians fought against each other. However, a third important aspect is that Austria has long been a haven for musicians from Serbia, the former Yugoslavia, and around the world, who come to this country for studies and public performances. This often results in numerous collaborations with local musicians.

Seeking to resist entrenched negative attitudes and emphasize positive examples of relations between the two countries and peoples, the Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade conceived a broader artistic project, focusing on exhibitions and music, with the motto: “Remembering History – Creating Future”. The “Zajedno Zusammen” Festival was an integral part of this project.

The “Zajedno Zusammen” Festival was realized in co-production with the Ring Ring Association from Belgrade, the Austrian Cultural Forum Belgrade, the Austrian Music Information Center – MICA, and the Austrian Music Export – Music Austria.

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Jun 19 ǀ Belgrade Synagogue Yard


Jun 25 ǀ Radio Belgrade Studio 6 (with broadcast on Radio Belgrade 3 channel)


Jun 28 ǀ Barutana

Patrick Pulsinger / Elektro Guzzi

Jun 29 ǀ Barutana

Koenig Leopold / DelaDap!

July 1 ǀ Cultural Center Rex

Fish in Oil / The Gitarren der Liebe

July 2 ǀ Cultural Center Grad

Lecture by Irina Karamarković on Balkan musicians in Austria (dissertation topic)

July 15 ǀ Cultural Center Parobrod

Franz Hautzinger & Isabelle Duthoit


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