Cyber Dinner

Cyber Dinner

The first Cyber Dinner in Serbia, an event led by the Ring Ring Association, took place at the renowned Supermarket venue in Dorćol, Belgrade, on April 3, 2013.

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After this event of a specific concept was initiated in Vienna, continuing its “journey” to other cities in Austria, and then in Slovenia and Croatia, it also came to its premiere in the capital of Serbia.

The “Cyber Dinner” brought a combination of unusual music in short forms and an atypical menu. Although it may have seemed extravagant, the event did attract curious and open-minded Belgraders.

The chefs of Supermarket took care of a special menu, pushing the boundaries of their creativity, while the “Temet” winery offered its finest wines, tailored to the menu. Musicians from Austria, Slovenia, Pakistan, and Serbia created music inspired by the scents, tastes, and sounds…

The evening, around 7 p.m., was opened by the writer Lojze Wieser, followed by a solo performance by the singer Svetlana Spajić from Belgrade. The Austrian part of this Cyber Dinner project consisted of two duos: Rdeča Raketa from Vienna, featuring Maja Osojnik and Matija Schellander, and Colophony Circuit, whose members (Electric Indigo and Mia Zabelka) accompanied the Pakistani-English-Austrian artist Zahra Mani.

The darlings of the Belgrade club scene, Fish in Oil, performed as a trio, while their fellow citizen Svetlana Maraš premiered her performance “Bourgeois” in Belgrade, inspired by Buñuel’s film “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”. In addition to Svetlana, the performance involved six other artists and guests (three women and three men sitting at the same table blindfolded, producing sounds that Maraš combined with her own sounds to create a new sound picture.

For the dinner, virtuoso accordionist Saša Stanojević arrived from southern Serbia, and the entire event concluded with a performance by one of the most renowned DJs, Electric Indigo from Vienna.

The “Cyber Dinner” event in Belgrade was realized thanks to the support of the Austrian Cultural Forum.

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