At the first two editions of the Danube Culture Festival – Dunavfest, held in 2011 and 2012 in Belgrade, the Ring Ring Association participated in the design of the musical part of the program.

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The Danube Culture Festival – Dunavfest, was launched in 2011 with the following objectives: 1) promotion of the cultural heritage of Danube countries, 2) international cooperation in the fields of culture and heritage through artistic creation, 3) utilization of the heritage of Belgrade and Serbia as a source of inspiration for new artistic works, 4) activation of new audiences and encouragement of young creativity at an international level, 5) development of cultural tourism, and 6) utilization of the potential of the Belgrade Fortress.

The festival was organized by the Public Enterprise Belgrade Fortress with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Belgrade City Assembly.

The wider area of the Belgrade Fortress and the Danube River sparked the idea for the festival and proved to be an inspiring venue for its hosting.

Programmatically, the festival offered a wide variety of events, including performances, concerts, exhibitions, workshops, and more. The Ring Ring Association was involved in the first two editions of the festival as part of the music program.

dunavfest 2011

At the first Dunavfest, held from August 31st to September 11th, 2011, the Ring Ring Association organized performances of three bands from three countries at the Barutana club, each with a specific approach to musical tradition and innovation.

Firstly, on September 5th, the concert featured the Swedish quintet Mats Gustafsson’s Swedish Azz. Then, on September 8th, Hungarian artist Balogh Kálmán performed with his Gypsy Cimbalom Band. The final concert in this series at Barutana, on September 9th, was by the local artist Boris Kovač with his quintet La Campanella.

dunavfest 2012

Prve večeri u tom ciklusu, 6. septembra, koncerte su održali kvartet Triad Vibration (Italija) i romski bend Vojasa (Mađarska), a druge, ujedno poslednje večeri, 8. septembra, nastupili su američki kantautor Judžin Čedborn (Eugene Chadbourne) i srpski džez sastav Serbian Jazz, Bre!.

At the second Dunavfest, held from August 31st to September 11th, 2012, the Association presented musicians from Hungary, the USA, Italy, and Serbia as part of a special section of the music program titled “Ritual in Music”, also at Barutana.

On the first night of this series, September 6th, concerts were performed by the quartet Triad Vibration (Italy) and the Roma band Vojasa (Hungary). On the second and final night, September 8th, performances were given by the American singer-songwriter Eugene Chadbourne and the Serbian jazz ensemble Serbian Jazz, Bre!.

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