The Ring Ring Association, founded in 2000 in Belgrade, deals with music and culture, developing a network of diverse activities. It is open to new, contemporary artistic vibrations, but also to the preservation of musical heritage. The association has an important place on the cultural scene of Serbia and Belgrade, at the same time nurturing and deepening international cooperation.

The most important activities of the association include the Ring Ring Festival and the Todo Mundo World Music Festival.

In addition to the “Ring Ring” and “Todo Mundo” festivals, the association has organized and is organizing the following festivals: “Umbria Jazz Balkanic Windows”, “EuroMed”, “Adriatico Mediterraneo”, as well as the projects “Swiss Balkanic Creative Music Workshop” and “Berkley School” of Jazz in Belgrade ”.

The “Ring Ring” association participated in the international project “Phonart”, which studied the music and traditions of minorities (as partners, we dealt with the tradition of Cincar in the Balkans). We also participated in the European project “Euterpe”, supported within the Creative Europe, where, among other things, we dealt with traditional instruments, their production, as well as traditional music and its presentation.