From desert blues to flamenco: Todo Mundo 2023

The 11th Todo Mundo festival brings five concerts, a DJ performance and an international conference. It will be held in Belgrade, from September 21 to 23, 2023.

The transition from summer to autumn, in the capital of Serbia, will be marked again this year by the “Todo Mundo” festival, with concerts at two venues and an international conference. In terms of the programme, the festival days were conceived and named as: Razmrdavanje (Shaking up), Gradske priče (City Stories) i European Folk Day.

We are already used to regularly listening to the pearls of “world music” at this festival, from regions that were called exotic before the new era of Internet networking. This year, the headliner of the festival is Vieux Farka Touré from Mali, an artist who performs extensively on all continents, with a current tour lasting over six months, with already sold-out concerts in England scheduled for May 2024. Magazine “Rolling Stone” awarded five stars to Vieux’s latest album “Les Racines” (Roots), another great offshoot of the so-called desert blues.

The son of legendary Malian musician Ali Farka Touré, Vieux will open the 11th Todo Mundo festival with a performance at Zappa Baza on Thursday, September 21. After the concert of his trio, the audience will be further shattered by one of the most engaged local DJs among those inspired by ethnic sound – DJ Killo Killo (Vojislav Malešev) from Novi Sad. His set will include Afrobeat, and Ethiopian jazz, as well as new, modern themes inspired by Africa.

The remaining two evenings will be held at the Jewish Cultural Center “Oneg Shabbat”, on September 22 and 23. The Gradske priče evening will be opened by the Viennese accordion quartet Belofour, whose music is inspired by Vienna itself, as well as the Balkans, tango, classical and jazz music, bringing top-notch art, virtuosity and fun! It will be their premiere performance in Serbia, which also applies to the concerts of other foreign artists at this year’s festival, and in some cases, it’s about premieres in the region.

One of the most popular “exotic” kinds of music is flamenco from Spain, where new names, performers and composers are constantly arriving. At the “Todo Mundo” festival, the duo of singer Alba Carmona and guitarist Jesús Guerrero will present their approach to flamenco and other Spanish and Latin American genres, and will also show us why interest in their duo is growing in Europe.

The dance character of the music is an obvious feature of this year’s “Todo Munda”. This also applies to the last evening, during which the festival joins the celebration of the “European Folk Day”, officially linked to September 23, starting this year. Thanks to the programme of the third festival evening, called European Folk Day, Belgrade is also on this European map!

The celebration of the “European Folk Day” will begin with the international conference “Tradition today, in the music of the world”, which will be held in the RTS Club – Radio Belgrade Gallery, starting at 11 a.m. and ending with concerts in the evening hours. Among the many great roots groups from Hungary, the band Erdőfű drew attention with exceptional albums released in the past three years, concerts and well-attended tanchaz-evenings, and was recently nominated for the “Best New Group in Europe” award, chosen by representatives of several festivals gathered around the project “UpBeat”.

Even more experienced, and much better known in the world, is the Polish band Janusz Prusinowsky Kompania, which approaches folklore tradition in a similar way, authentically and refreshingly. Band leader Janusz Prusinowski is one of the leading researchers and promoters of Polish roots music, as well as a prominent violinist.

Compact and exclusive, the programme of the 11th Todo Mundo festival will allow the local audience to truly enjoy the concerts of top, well-known musicians of diverse artistic expressions.

Cena pojedinačne ulaznice iznosi 1.500 dinara za prvo veče (21. septembar) odnosno po 1.000 dinara za drugo i treće veče (22. i 23. septembar). Cena festivalskog kompleta iznosi 3.000 dinara. Za prvo veče, pojedinačne ulaznice je moguće kupiti u Zappa Baru (Kralja Petra 41) i preko sajta, dok je komplet, kao i pojedinačne ulaznice za drugo i treće veče moguće nabaviti isključivo preko sajta Ulaznice se mogu kupiti i na samom ulazu, pre početka svake večeri.

The price of an individual ticket is 1,500 dinars for the first evening (September 21) and 1,000 dinars for the second and third evenings (September 22 and 23). The price of the festival set is 3,000 dinars. For the first evening, individual tickets can be purchased at Zappa Bar (Kralja Petra 41) and through the website, while the set, as well as individual tickets for the second and third evenings, can be purchased exclusively through the website. Tickets can also be purchased at the entrance, before the start of each evening.

The organizer of the 11th Todo Mundo festival is the Association “Ring Ring” in cooperation with the Music Information Centre of Serbia. The festival was supported by: the Ministry of Culture, City of Belgrade, Sounds of Europe/Creative Europe, Embassy of Spain, Collegium Hungaricum Belgrade, Austrian Cultural Forum, Instytut Adam Mickiewicz and RTS/Radio Belgrade 3.

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