Let’s be curious: The 10th Todo Mundo is almost upon us

The tenth world music festival “Todo Mundo” will be held in Belgrade, from September 21 to 24, 2022, at different venues. A rich, varied program has been prepared, which includes eight concerts, an international conference, a street parade and a public conversation with one of the artists. Well – Let’s be curious!

The jubilee of a festival is an opportunity to confirm the previous, recognizable efforts and goals in a sumptuous form. And what the organizers of the Todo Mundo festival – a manifestation dedicated to various “languages” and subgenres of world music – have always strived for is to challenge the curious audience, through an interesting, attractive, current, but also unusual program that moves off the beaten track. Or, as it was in 2019, critic Ivana Ljubinković wrote in Etnoumlje magazine during the presentation of the last evening of the 8th edition of the Todo Mundo festival:

– “The visitors, in the spirit of the very name of the festival, once again toured, if not the whole world, at least a significant part of it. But not the sights of the main cities, accessible to every responsible tourist, but those hidden alleys and landscapes, which only locals can recommend. And it was worth listening to them.”

budimo radoznali

Jako el Muzikante (photo: Simon Blackley)

In the jubilee year, Todo Mundo realizes part of the festival program thanks to international cooperation and its activities within two large European projects. The concerts of the Džambo Aguševi Orchestra, Fanfara Station and Perija will be held as part of the fresh, newly started project Sounds of Europe, while the concert of the duo Ramsch & Rosen will be realized through the already renowned project MOST – Bridge for Balkan Music.

Let’s be curious and get to know more about the 10th Todo Mundo artsts

Artists of the younger and middle generation dominate the concert program. Such a spirit will also mark the opening of the main, music part of the festival program: the concert of Bojana and Nebojsa Brdarić (September 21). The performance of our great interpreters, who are currently preparing their second album, continues the tradition of the Todo Mundo festival where the first concert is reserved for local artists.

nebojša i bojana brdarić

Nebojša i Bojana Brdarić (promo photo)

In the company of outstanding singers and players who are in their twenties, thirties and forties, there is, however, a 76-year-old world music diva from the former Yugoslavia – Dunja Knebl, a unique artistic personality. Dunja and Roko Margeta, excellent young multi-instrumentalists and vocalists, will present themselves to the Belgrade audience for the first time.

budimo radoznali

Roko Margeta and Dunja Knebl (photo: Doringo)

The brilliance of the jubilee edition is ensured, therefore, by a considerable number of premiere performances. In addition to Dunja and Roko, in Belgrade we will attend the concerts of Džambo Aguševi Orchestra, Meybahar and Perija for the first time, while in Serbia Fanfara Station and Ramsch & Rosen will have their premieres, and in the area of the entire Balkans – Jako el Muzikante!

The tenth Todo Mundo festival also has its own slogan – #budimoradoznali (let’s be curious) – with which the organizers want to encourage the attention of the wider audience even more in the direction of discovering diverse musical traditions, as well as authorship inspired by the most diverse cultural heritages.

budimo radoznali

Meybahar (promo photo)

In addition, each concert evening is a kind of small, separate entity with a specific concept and title: 1) Rootsology (an evening dedicated to a more traditional sound), 2) Partyard (time and space for a real world music party), 3) Skriveni dragulj (concerts by artists who have a very original, unusual approach to traditional material) and 4) Na istoku mašte (an evening of accentuated oriental and Balkan expression, intoxicating and moving).

The sound of the tenth Todo Mundo festival is very colorful. First of all, we will listen to Serbian traditional music (Brdarići), and Sephardic heritage performed by the fantastic trio Jako el Muzikante, which comes from Spain, a country where Jews lived for a very long time and from where they were exiled at the end of the 15th century.

Then, we will dance to a modern Balkan brass band expression (Džambo Aguševi Orchestra), as well as to a combination of Mediterranean tradition and electronics (Fanfara Station).

There will also be a variety of pearls from the collections of songs from Croatia, Yugoslavia, the Balkans, Europe and the world, realized through the intimate storytelling of Dunja and Roko, as well as the author’s playing with elements of the Austrian and Alpine tradition (Ramsch & Rosen).

ramsch und rosen

Ramsch & Rosen (photo: Viktoria Hofmacher)

The hidden and burning passion of the Balkans will mark the entire final evening and the performances of Meybahar and Perija. This is a phenomenal year for the Perija quartet, an increasingly sought-after Balkan band on European stages, and their participation at the prestigious WOMEX fair, which will be held in Lisbon this October, was recently announced. Perija is releasing a new album soon.

perija kvartet

Perija (promo photo)

Eight concerts will be held by musicians from ten countries: Serbia, North Macedonia, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Spain, Italy, Tunisia and the USA. Some of the musicians will also participate in the international conference, which will be organized on the last day of the festival. It is now the second conference at the Todo Mundo festival and the plan is to make this part of the supporting program a tradition. While last year’s conference was focused on women in world music, the current topic Music in motion will bring conversations and exchange of experiences related to the movements of people, nations, cultures, and music itself in the world.

The accompanying program of the tenth festival also includes a street parade by the Džambo Aguševi Orchestra and Fanfara Station, in the pedestrian area of the city center, on September 21. In addition, in cooperation with the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade, a public talk will be held by artist Džambo Agušev and students of ethnomusicology, with the aim of getting to know the tradition of trumpet music in North Macedonia, the musical family from which Džambo originates, as well as numerous other related aspects.

Tickets for the festival can be purchased through the Tickets.rs website, as well as at the entrance before the start of each concert evening, at a price of 600 dinars for each evening, and a set of tickets is also available at a price of 2,100 dinars.

Let’s be curious!

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