CD „Ring Ring, 25 years – local artists“

On the occasion of the jubilee of the prestigious Belgrade Ring Ring Festival, the record company Multimedia Music has released a representative compilation album “Ring Ring, 25 years – local artists”.

multimedia music

At the end of last year, the oldest existing domestic festival of alternative music, Ring Ring, presented its twenty-fifth edition to a loyal audience. This also marked the 25th anniversary of the festival, during which more than 300 concerts of artists from all continents were held.

However, the festival has always been a place where local artists had the opportunity to show their creativity, current projects, collaborations with musicians from around the world. The list of local artists who performed at the festival is quite large, so that this compilation album, which marks the jubilee, could not contain even a tenth of what the festival presented to the audience at concerts in Belgrade.

marina i aron

Marina Džukljev and Áron Porteleki at Ring Ring Festival, Belgrade, SKC, 2018 (photo: Vladimir Rašković)

When the idea of ​​organizing a festival of alternative music was born in 1996, at this same time of year, it took less time to realize than it took to prepare the disc that marks the jubilee. According to Bojan Djordjevic, the founder and artistic director of the festival – one of the most difficult tasks was to “pack” so many important performances, unusual projects, world premieres in less than 80 minutes.

There are 12 compositions on the album. Among them is a recording from the first concert, held on May 22, 1996, which featured Erne Kiralj, Chris Cutler and Stevan Kovac Tikmajer, but also a composition by Tijana Stankovic and Ana Kravanje, performed at the latest, 25th festival, November 28, 2021 .

CD Ring Ring, 25 years old – local artists open the recording of the concert of Novi Sad pianist Marina Dzukljev and Hungarian percussionist Aron Porteleki, which was the world premiere. The album features several more recordings of projects performed at the festival for the first time. Two of them refer to the international projects of the singer Svetlana Spajić: Metamorphic Orchestra, as well as the cooperation with the world-famous avant-garde orchestra Zeitkratzer.

dragon's fuel

Dragon’s Fuel at Ring Ring Festival, Belgrade, SKC, 2018 (photo: Srđan Veljović)

Of the local jazz creators, the album features the most prolific and most prominent artist, Silard Mezei, as well as the groups Fish in Oil and Dragon’s Fuel.

Members of the Zrenjanin duo Blank Disc were presented with their composition, but also as part of the large international project Šalter Ensemble. The Neuroleptic Trio from Subotica offered a part of their concert performance at the festival, and the live recording is the premiere performance of the composition by Svetlana Maras, played by Branko Dzinovic and Aleksandar Latkovic in the Belgrade Philharmonic Hall.

Compilation Ring Ring, 25 years – local artists give an excellent cross-section of exciting local scene and after more than two decades (in the late nineties B92 released three compilations of music from festivals held in ’96, ’97 and ’99) returns music from festivals to local CDs shops.

The album was released thanks to the support of the Fund for Cultural Giving at SOKOJ. It is available at all Multimedia Music stores, online, as well as on all relevant music platforms.

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