Change in the program of the 25th “Ring Ring”

Instead of the duo of Szilard Mezei and Phil Minton, on the third night of the 25th Ring Ring Festival, on Friday, November 26, Szilard Mezei will be joined by Albert Márkos.

szilard mezei and albert markos

Szilard Mezei and Albert Markos (promo photo)

During a pandemic, many things become uncertain, and last-minute changes are quite possible. Unfortunately, such a sudden change happened to the Ring Ring festival, whose 25th, jubilee edition began on Tuesday, November 23, with the performance of the Ensemble Studio6.

English singer Phil Minton, who was supposed to perform with Szilard Mezei on Friday, November 26, at the Drugstore club, was prevented from traveling, because he suddenly has to spend ten days in isolation. Namely, Phil’s daughter, with whom the artist was in close contact last weekend, fell ill with a disease caused by the covid-19 virus.

This is a common procedure, and we want Phil Minton for his daughter to recover quickly, but also for the infection to bypass him, considering how old he is (80). Phil expressed great regret that he will not be able to perform at this year’s festival, but we immediately agreed with him and Szilard on their joint, premiere performance at the next, 26th Ring Ring festival, planned for May 2022.

szilard mezei

Szilard Mezei (photo: Zsofia Szerda)

But so that our loyal audience would not be completely deprived of one exceptional concert this year, we have already agreed that Szilard Mezei, on Friday, November 26, before Akosh S. Trio, will perform with the Hungarian cellist Albert Márkos. This evening will start with their performance, at 8 pm.

Tickets can be purchased through the website or before the concert at the entrance to the Drugstore club.

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